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Introducing Talent-as-a-Service

Our Recruiting Services

Work, and the way in which talent is hired, has changed dramatically in the past 10 years and will continue to do so due to mobile, cloud, and other technology. To ensure keeping up-to-date with the talent landscape, TaaS is a unique service to the recruiting industry, which Sage based on the premise of other "as-a-service” delivery models in which clients easily access a customized service and product.

TaaS offers the type of flexibility modern recruiting needs where there are no clients, just business partners for whom service, costs, and process are transparent, agile, data-driven, and on-demand.

Using Sage’s one of two hourly based models, companies have reached hiring goals and retained their budgetary demands while still delivering a strong pipeline of calibrated, top-tier candidates.

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Smart Source

Augment your own internal recruiting team with the Sage teams and analytics platform to increase your candidate pipeline.

  • Access to the Sage Analytics Dashboard
  • Retain all data from the entire recruiting funnel
  • 2 dedicated teams: Research and Outreach
  • Senior Technical Recruiter, Trulia
  • Senior Recruiter jobvite
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Optimized for full-desk recruiting services and executive level searches.

  • Access to the Sage Analytics Dashboard
  • Retain all data from the entire recruiting funnel
  • 3 dedicated teams: Research, Outreach, and Executive Recruiting
  • Experienced senior recruiters leverage our relationships with candidates to close hires
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Sage Uses Data Driven Strategy and Relationship Building to Meet Your Hiring Goals

Our Approach

We Build Your Pipeline of Qualified Candidates

Recruiting is still built on one fundamental foundation: Relationships. Our teams are led by senior recruiters and their combined 40+ years of experience focuses solely on creating and nurturing relationships with candidates and clients.

The Sage Analytics Platform allows recruiters access to metrics as well as experts ready to help interpret that data to drive and revise strategy to best meet hiring goals. With a crowded talent pool in today’s job market and pressure to fill placements quickly, recruiters and hiring managers need more than just opinions and a closed-off recruiting process. 

Three dedicated teams work in parallel as an extension of your internal recruiting team. Each team has 40+ years of combined experience in building and nurturing relationships with clients and candidates.



Sources the talent pool using the latest technology


Outreach Team

Nurtures candidate leads through a 6 touch process.


Senior Recruiting Team

Navigates through the closing process to ensure a successful hire.

six steps methodology

Six Step Outreach Methodology

Through emails and phone calls, the Outreach Team uses a 6-Step Methodology to contact talent and build and nurture relationships. This process is continuously calibrated to meet a client’s required skill set needs.

The Outreach Team dedicates time that most internal recruiting teams don’t have to touch base with candidates through at least 50 calls and hundreds of emails per day optimizing candidate response.

six steps

Transparency into the Search
Insight into the Candidate Market

Any recruiting firm can submit candidates. Sage delivers candidates that clients want because each step of the cycle is driven by data analysis through the Sage Analytics Platform that clients have full access to throughout the process.

Clients keep the data even after the engagement.

Sage Dashboard

Our Tools

The Sage DashboardTM can be accessed by clients at any time. It shows:

  • Real-time Status of the 6 Stage Outreach Methodology and entire recruiting process
  • Candidate response rate which enables Sage and client teams to optimize the messaging to attract the best candidates
  • Visibility of candidate lists with full profiles
  • Candidates feedback and comments are captured

100% Transparency

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Real Time Data

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