Pantsuits out, hoodies in, pt. 2



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What you need to know about emotional intelligence and leadership


Most leaders have the same key personality traits in common. They’re quick learners, incredibly talented and have a drive to improve. However, the most important thing that we need to..

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Topics: Leadership, emotional intelligence

4 ways to be more ergonomic at work

How you can be your most ergonomic self

As talent acquisition specialists we know too well how often we’re hunched over our laptops lurking on LinkedIn or similar database. We are also..

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Topics: Productivity, Work, Workflow, ergonomics

No room for excuses in recruiting


Let your data tell the storyAs talent acquisition specialists we need to start utilizing analytics. Seriously, stop thinking so much. Let the data do your job. It will reduce your..

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Topics: Recruiting, track recruiting progress, what you need to know about data and recruiting, how big data can help recruiting, how to work less hours, accountability in recruiting, top recruiter techniques, struggling to find talent

Pantsuits out, hoodies in.


 What you need to know about Silicon Valley’s unspoken dress code

Being in Palo Alto, you’re in the midst of the techies’ tech world—fin-tech world—VC world (which backs their fin-tech..

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Topics: what to wear in the silicon valley, what engineers wear, what techies wear, hoodies, startup hoodies, startup fashion in silicon valley, dresscode in the bay area, the difference between vc and engineer

How recruiters got their groove back: Analytics


 Start with a recruiting problem

The first day of searching for a candidate starts off with intensity and excitement of finding the right person whose the perfect fit for the position...

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Topics: Analytics, Interview, Recruiters, effective recruiting, ways to solve problems as a recruiter, how to be a better recruiter, talent pool, how to find talent faster, data analytics, how to source candidates, struggling to find talent, why hiring managers need analytics, how are analytics helpful in recruiting

Honesty's vital role in recruiting


Assessing your problems

A problem companies currently have is being able to grow with top talent. It might be easy to find the best and brightest in your industry, but the real..

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Topics: honesty, honest in the workplace, how to find candidates faster, truthful, happy workplace, effective recruiting, qualities recruiters should have, honest colleagues, developing new talent for your company, how to fix a problem as a recruiter, new talent acquistion, transparency in recruiting

Making excuses (or not) in recruiting



As recruiters, we know that the recruiting process can be dysfunctional at times. This accumulated stress will create a negative effect on the hiring process as well as not contribute to an..

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Topics: conversation, job seekers, new hires, intereview process, connections with recruitier, stress free recruiting, no more excuses in recruiting, difficult recruiting, stressful recruiting, candidate, too many reqs, bad candidate experience, relationship with recruiter, candidate expereience, long interview process, mindful recruiting

How to mindfully end a relationship with a candidate

It’s hard to acknowledge, but ending anything tends to be much harder than starting it. Be it relationships, friendships or even just work-related relationship- we become strange. Sometimes we..

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Topics: Mindfulness in Recruiting, Mindfulness, The Mindful Recruiter, how to mindfully end a relationship, ending relationships with candidates, the mindfulness series, ending candidate relationships, mindfulness at work, The Mindful Recruiter Series, ending relationships mindfully

Tips for Recruitment Success

If you want to recruit the right candidates, not waste your time with candidates who neither have the right qualifications for the role, nor fit the company culture, then you want to make the..

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Topics: Candidates, Recruiting, Strategy, Jobs, Hiring Managers, Job-search, Recruiters, Success stories, Success, Recruitment Success

The top four mindfulness apps

We took the time to compile the best mindfulness and meditation apps to make meditation an easier habit to cultivate and feed.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think is a free app that..

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Topics: Meditation, Mindfulness, Technology, Apps, Mobile, Breathing, Success stories, Presence, Well-being

How to boost your productivity and stay mindful

As working people, we tend to overestimate what we can get done in a day, underestimate what we can get done in a year. Thus, we spend a lot of our time procrastinating or thinking about..

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Topics: Mindfulness, Career, Health, Productivity, Goals, Habits, happiness, Breathe, Balance, Clarity, Mindfulnes, Creativity, Happy, Awareness, health and medicine