Our Relationships

Sage has filled challenging reqs and ensured rapid results during critical growth periods for hundreds of clients in dozens of industries. We don’t place talent. We develop relationships with field experts ranging from Big Data scientists and computational mathematicians to in-demand executives and cutting edge creatives.

Sage Analytics

With access to Sage's analytics platform, clients don't have to rely on opinions or guesswork for their most pressing questions.
The answers are at their fingertips:

How many total candidates fit the skillsets I need?
What were the qualifications of the other candidates not chosen?
Where are we in the recruiting process?

sage analytics

  • Talent Pool Selection

    Insight into the complete talent pool market.

  • Real Time Candidate Analytics

    24/7 access into the entire recruiting funnel from start to finish
    with data that informs the strategy of choosing the perfect hire.

  • Full Client Control

    See all sourced candidates, not just the ones presented.
    We give you the data for future hiring needs.

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Candidate compitition

  • Candidates

    See only the candidates presented without knowing why or who else was in the talent pool.

  • Personal Opinion

    Reliance on the opinion of one contact to provide answers, status, and strategy.

  • Start Again

    If a qualified candidate or hire doesn't work, it's back to the drawing board with no retention of or access to data for that req.

A Different Kind of Recruiting

Sage provides strategic augmentation solution to internal recruiting teams and processes using a combination of relationship-driven teams
with a unique analytics platform that provides complete insight into the recruiting funnel.

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"I worked at the top recruiting firms where clients thought of us as a necessary evil. Clients were often frustrated, kept out of the loop, and viewed us as competition. I thought 'there has to be a better way.' "

Paul Grewal, CEO, Sage Human Capital

What We Value

Your success in recruting

Your Success

optimized candidate response rates, high volume of passive top tier talent

data driven result chart

Data Driven Results

an analytics platform that provides accountability, insight & 100% transparency into the funnel

sage collaboration


frustration-free partnership built on nurturing relationships and delivering results

sage expertise


guaranteed 3-person outreach, research, and recruiting team with over 40 years of experience

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