We are an on-demand contract recruiting team.

We make sure you don't waste time interviewing the wrong candidates.

How we deliver the right candidates to you:

We're built different. We've taken the recruiting function and chopped it up into three specialized teams: Research, Outreach and Screening. These teams work in parallel instead of serial, which affords us tremendous advantages in terms of speed, volume, and ultimately, cost.




Sources the talent pool using the latest technology
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Outreach Team

Nurtures candidate leads through a 6 touch process.
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Senior Recruiting Team

Navigates through the closing process to ensure a successful hire.
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We are 100% transparent. We bubble-up and dashboard to you that shows who we're calling, why people are saing "yes," why people are saying "no," response rates on messaging and bottlenecks in the search. This data allows us to define the appropriate recruiting strategy for your search.

100% Transparency

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Real Time Data

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Our cost model is highly-competitive with contract recruiters. We charge an hourly rate so you only pay for work completed. Through the efficiency and real-time reporting of candidate pipeline activity, as well as continuous "bottlenecking" improvements, Sage provides the most efficient candidate delivery system - and you get to view this flow of candidates via our rich dashboard interface. You will not find another recruiting firm with such robust real-time reporting. 

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“We had to fill specific roles in Pharma with Diabetes expertise and Sage stepped up to the challenge. Their SmartSource model worked well for our internal recruiters. Sage's team sent us a steady stream of qualified candidates for these hard-to-fill reqs that resulted in quick hires who were top-notch.”
Josh Janicek, VP, Leader of Talent Acquisition
Arnold Worldwide
“I have worked with the Sage Human Capital team the past few months and they have been doing a fantastic job sourcing passive candidates for both technical and non-technical roles at Jobvite. During this time we’ve had to ramp up quickly and we’ve made several hires from their candidates.”
Jan Choi, Sr. Recruiter
“I adore the team we worked with at Sage. They are a pleasure to work with, always an upbeat personality and great customer service skills. They continually to make me look good with my hiring managers, as they keep the pipeline healthy and me working overtime. HA!”
Annie Philipsen, Sr. Technical Recruiter